Living Expenses

Program 2024/2025




February 15

Launch of the Living Expenses Scholarship Program

April 25

Deadline to submit completed online application

May 24

Finalist candidates to be announced

June 10

Deadlines for finalists to submit their completed application and/or video

July 10

Winners to be announced.

GFF – LES Program 2024/2025
Official rules

Mission and Objectives

The Garcia Family Foundation for Art, Culture, and Education is a US-based charitable foundation (“GFF”). One of GFF’s central missions is to empower promising Brazilian students to access and succeed at universities in the United States. 

Under the GFF Living Expenses Scholarship Program (the “GFF LES Program”), GFF concentrates on providing scholarships to assist students in attending universities in the United States. In 2024, as part of the GFF LES Program, GFF will grant ten (10) student scholarships, in the total amount of Seven Thousand Dollars ($7,000) each, for the specific purpose of providing funds to cover part of the living expenses of eligible students while attending universities in the United States during the 2024/2025 academic year (the “Scholarship(s)”).

Eligibility Criteria and Guidelines

  1. To apply, the person must meet the following requirements:
  2. The applicant must be a Brazilian citizen;
  3. When applying for the GFF LES Program, the applicant must have been accepted by or be duly matriculated at a competitive university in the United States for an undergraduate or a graduate in person degree program (i.e. cannot include matriculation in any on-line programs) (hereafter referred to as a “Competitive University Program”);
  4. The applicant must meet and comply with all the admission requirements of the Competitive University Program if selected as a Scholarship recipient, including (without limitation) student visa requirements; and
  5. The Competitive University Program shall require the applicant’s school attendance and consequent presence in the United States by the end of August 2024.
  6. Students from all fields of study are encouraged to apply. 
  7. Students from low-income backgrounds are especially encouraged to apply. 
  8. Previous recipients of the GFF LES Program are encouraged to apply if they meet the criteria set out in these Official Rules. 
  9. The award of the Scholarship under the GFF LES Program may be combined with other scholarships and awards. 

Timeline Overview 

  • February 15, 2024: Applications open for the Living Expenses Scholarship Program 2024/2025. 
  • April 25, 2024: Deadline to submit the completed online application.
  • May 24, 2024: Finalist candidates to be announced.
  • June 10, 2024: Deadline for finalists to submit their completed application and/or video.
  • July 10, 2024: Selected recipients to be announced.

Application Process

Following the applicable timeline, Applicants will have to submit all of the following (the “Application Process”):

  1. Applicant’s Curriculum Vitae or Resume; 
  2. Applicant’s grade transcripts of the last two (2) most recent periods of school attendance (either high school or university, depending on the student’s most recent studies);
  3. Acceptance letter or proof of enrollment at the Competitive University Program; and
  4.  Three (3) essays, in English, in response to the following guidelines: 
  5. Tell us about yourself and how the award of the Scholarship would make a difference for you (300-350 words maximum);
  6. Tell us about an act of kindness that you witnessed and made an impact on you (150-200 words maximum); and 
  7. Pick one person – a historical figure, fictitious character, or modern individual – to converse with for an hour and explain your choice (150-200 words maximum). 

Selection Process

  1. The recipients of the Scholarship will be selected by a GFF committee based on the documents submitted by the applicants as part of the Application Process (the “Recipients”). 
  2. All applicants will be responsible for ensuring that they submit a complete and signed application along with all the supporting documentation before or on the date of the application deadline. The GFF will not be responsible for any incomplete or improper Application Processes. 
  3. The GFF LES Program does not discriminate in any way concerning race, color, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, or disability.
  4. Only the applicants selected as Recipients will be notified by the GFF. 
  5. The decision of the selected Recipients by GFF is final and not subject to review. 

Payment of Scholarships

  • Once the applicants have been selected to receive the Scholarship, they will have to provide evidence of matriculation to receive the scholarship payment.
  • Awards are typically paid directly to the student in two installments, before each academic semester.

Maintenance Requirements and Termination

To continue being a Recipient of the GFF LES Program for the academic year 2024-2025, the Recipient of the Scholarship must continue to meet the eligibility criteria set forth in Section B above, including (without limitations) remaining enrolled in the Competitive University Program and incurring in living costs associated with it. For the avoidance of doubt, if the Recipient withdrawals, is disqualified, suspended, or expelled from the Competitive University Program for any reason, the GFF may immediately terminate the Scholarship. 

Additional Terms and Conditions

  1. The applicant acknowledges and agrees that the essays, feedback, suggestions, ideas, evaluations, questions, or comments provided in connection with the GFF LES Program to GFF are non-confidential. 
  2. All documents and information submitted by the applicants and Recipients to the GFF LES Program, including the essays, feedback, suggestions, ideas, evaluations, questions, or comments provided in connection with the GFF LES Program to GFF (collectively, the “Applicant’s Material”) will be the property of the GFF, regardless of the applicant being awarded the Scholarship. 
  3. The applicant agrees that GFF will own and possess all rights, title, and interest in and to the Applicant’s Material, and GFF may disclose the Applicant’s Material to its agents, contractors, third parties, or affiliates and their respective licensees, successors, and assigns (together, the “Designees”) for the following purposes: 
    • Use, access, reproduce, transmit, or distribute, in whole or in part, the Applicant’s Material in connection with the services, programs, and activities executed or sponsored by GFF or its Designees;
    • Use, reference, and acknowledge the applicant and/or Recipient’s name and authorship of the Applicant’s Material in connection with the services, programs, and activities executed or sponsored by GFF or its Designees;
    • Create a database, classify, research, and evaluate the Applicant’s Material, or transfer the Applicant’s Material, in whole or in part, for such purposes; and
    • Delete, remove from its systems, and/or dispose of the Applicant’s Material, at any time.
  4. Recipient agrees to authorize GFF to use the Recipient’s name, image, and likeness in GFF’s institutional materials, including, but not limited to, any marketing materials, press releases, and social media. 
  5. The GFF takes data privacy and security concerns seriously and all personal information shared by the applicants will be protected. However, upon applying, the applicant agrees that GFF will not be liable for any loss, misuse, unauthorized acquisition, or data related to the said information beyond GFF’s control. 
  6. The Recipient will be responsible for all other costs, liabilities, and obligations relating to their admission, including any taxes that may be due in connection with the award of the Scholarship. Any questions regarding tax implications should be directed to a tax professional. 
  7. Any violation of the terms and conditions mentioned here might result in termination of the Scholarship, in GFF’s reasonable discretion, and the Recipient acknowledges that they will not have any right to appeal or contest a GFF’s decision. 
  8. In the event any provision of these terms and conditions is held void, voidable, or unenforceable, the remaining provisions will continue to remain in force and be valid. 


By making an application for the GFF LES program and/or accepting the award of the scholarship, the applicant and/or recipient acknowledges and agrees with these official rules and the decisions of GFF in connection with the GFF LES program, and releases GFF and its affiliated companies, as well as the employees, officers, directors, and agents of each of them, from all claims and liability relating to their participation in the GFF LES program, and the acceptance and use/misuse of the scholarship. Each recipient of the scholarships shall assume all liability for any injury or damage caused or claimed to be caused by their participation in the GFF LES program or use/misuse or redemption of the scholarship. GFF is not responsible for any typographical or other error in the printing of the offer, administration of the GFF LES program, or in the announcement of the scholarship.

We look forward to congratulating the Recipients of the GFF LES Program for 2024/2025

We wish good luck to all applicants!

Renata and Claudio Garcia | GFF Founders

LES 2024/2025


Adeildo Vieira Silva Neto

André Victor Oliveira Avellar

Antonio-Carlos Rios de Almeida

Beatriz Aguiar Fonseca

Cassiane da Silva Saraiva

Cauã dos Santos Rodrigues

Damião Victor Andrade da Silva

Eric Ribeiro

Felipe Loyola

Gabriela Cantero

Gabrielle Kolzenti Arrache

Giácomo Rabaiolli Ramos

Guilherme Luvielmo

Gustavo Augusto Kopp de Lima

Izabela Pacheco Silva

João Pedro Haufes

Juan Teles

Kelly Ramos Pereira

Laura Saraiva Félix

Letícia Vieira da Silva

Luiza Louback Fontes

Manoela Ferraz

Manuella de Carvalho Rodrigues

Maria Eduarda Rogdrigues Sampaio

Maria Vitória Rosa Sypnievski

Marlon Fagundes Pereira Júnior

Noely Irineu Silva

Paulo Henrique Souza Marazzi Diniz

Pedro Cardon Unikovski

Tiago Victor Ramos dos Santos

Ualype de Andrade Uchôa

Victórya Leal Altmayer Silva

Yamandú Capalbo

Attention Finalists

We have sent out an email to all of you with further details regarding the next steps.

Please read it carefully and reply by July 10th.

Congratulations and good luck!

LES Scholarship


One of my academic transcripts is in Portuguese. Do I need to translate it to English?
No! You can send us your transcripts in Portuguese.
Is there an age limit for LES application?
No! No age limit.
Does GFF LES Program comprise Canadian and other international universities?
No, only US universities.
Can I send my high school transcripts?
If you are applying as an undergraduate candidate, yes you can!
I haven’t moved to the US. Can I apply anyway?

You can apply if you have been accepted or ir currently enrolled at a competitive US university, and living in the US by end of August 2024.

Am I eligible to apply if my courses are online?
No, if you are taking online classes you are not an eligible candidate.
Am I eligible to apply if I am enrolled at a competitive US university but studying at one of their international campus?
Yes, you can apply.
I already receive other scholarships. May I still apply?
Yes, you may still apply, please list your other scholarships.
Is the CV expected to be a professional or academic one? How long should it be?
It is up to you! Length does not matter, one page on average is good!
If I’m going to be a freshman in the fall, what should I submit as the two latest transcripts in application?
Please send us your two latest high school transcripts.
Is there a preference for undergraduate candidates vs. MBAs applicants granting the scholarship?
All applications undergraduate, graduate, LLM, MBA, PhD are considered.
I’ve received admission to a university but I’m still in Brazil. Am I elegible?
You can apply if you have been accepted at a competitive university and will be moving to the US before Fall 2024. No online classes are accepted by GFF.
What can be considered a competitive university?
No unique criteria. There are a few but not limited, such as Forbes ranking and similar, admissions percentage, etc. Everything is related to the candidate’s story and background.
What does two most recent grade transcripts mean? Wouldn't it just be one?
Two last years of transcripts.