Living Expenses Scholarship 2019/2020

Living Expenses Scholarship 2019/2020: Applications are closed!

Thank you for your interest in applying for the Living Expenses Scholarship 2019/2020 program applications are now closed. Follow us on our social media pages to stay tuned for the next stages! The finalists will be announced on April 30th.


  1. January 30th: scholarship program to be inaugurated and disseminated
  2. March 30th: deadline to submit complete application
  3. April 30th: finalist candidates to be announced.
  4. May 15th: finalist candidates to submit their final application.
  5. May 30th: Winners to be announced.


  1. Three scholarship of $6000 a year will be granted to assist students with their living expenses.
  2. The Living Expenses Scholarship will be awarded to graduate and undergraduate students.
  3. The ideal applicant is a Brazilian national who has been already accepted to a competitive university in the United States. All fields of study are encouraged to apply.
  4. Low income students are especially encouraged to apply, and the Living Expenses Scholarship will not discriminate in any way concerning race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.
  5. To apply the student has to complete the application form below.
  6. Once the applications have been received GFF will inform applicants whether they have reached the second stage, and the process for the final decision.

Finally, GFF informs that:

  • The scholarship  may be renewed for students following under graduation program or graduation program for more than one year. Guidelines for renewal will be published in 2020.
  • A student that was not granted with the Living Expenses Scholarship for 2019-2020 may apply again the following year.

We hope to congratulate very soon the selected students to receive GFF Living Expenses Scholarship for 2019-2020. If you need to contact us, please send an e-mail to contact@garciafamilyfoundation.org.