Living Expenses Scholarship 2019/2020

Living Expenses Scholarship 2019/2020: The Winners!

Finally! After so much anticipation, we’re announcing the winners of the Living Expenses Scholarship 2019/2020 program! And they are…

Ana Furtado
Francisco Grigore de Amorim Jr.
Jonas Tavares

Congratulations! Please check your e-mail inbox, we will be contacting you shortly! And to everyone else that participated, thank you. Stay tuned for more projects.

If you have any questions, e-mail us: contact@garciafamilyfoundation.org.

Congratulations from the Garcia Family Foundation!


  1. January 30th: scholarship program to be inaugurated and disseminated
  2. March 30th: deadline to submit complete application
  3. April 30th: finalist candidates to be announced.
  4. May 15th: finalist candidates to submit their final application.
  5. May 30th: Winners to be announced.